What to Bring
The major items that you need to bring when fishing in the waters around San Cristobal, Galapagos, Ecuador.
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What to Bring

You will be fishing just south of the equator.  The temperatures are always warm, but the strength of the sun is the biggest consideration.  Here is a list of recomended items:

  • Sunscreen (you can buy more on the island)
  • Lightweight long sleeve shirts
  • Lightweight pants (or be prepared to use loads of sunscreen on your legs)
  • Fishing shoes
  • Comfortable shoes for excursions
  • Fishing hats
  • Buffs (to cover your face)
  • Sunglassess (bring an extra pair just in case)
  • Mask and snorkel (optional and also available on the island)
  • Bug spray (for the evenings)